What type of Flight do you like the most?

There are many types of flights, like short hauls, medium hauls and long hauls. I know everyone has different opinions but I would like to know what type of flight you like the most. Personally I like ultra long hauls because it gives me pleasure to think that you successfully did a super long flight. What do you guys think?

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For me it’s short haul
Btw I don’t think this question-based topic will live long …

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Flight time doesn’t matter as long as I’m flying to a tropical island



I also like ultra-long haul flights, but, I like them a lot more when it’s over mountains and other rigid terrain.


The flight that fits my schedule.


Probably long or medium. Short haul doesnt have food, amenities, etc.

Also more flight time and overall time in a plane 😁

Oh ok nice

All of them. Because we’ll get different moods or certain imagination and that just triggered us to come back to the app.

I like your idea on thinking you just did an ultra long flight successfully , it does give you that feel waking up the next day, seeing different people on the map too, so special sometimes.

But I mostly do 1 - 1,5 - 2 hour flights due to schedule, apart from distance I also like the very bumpy ones particularly areas with constant turbulence.

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Not sure, but maybe short haul like 1-4 hours max cause to be honest, flying is sometimes a tad boring in my opinion.

Honestly depending on the time I have, I ll fly any of them

ULH or LH or really short haul

I actually prefer GA flying because in my opinion it’s nice to fly from airport to airport. I mostly use the SR22 and my flights often last from 10 minutes to 40 minutes.

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I prefer short-medium haul, not because of the time, but because of my favourite aircraft, the B737-800, which okay, can do long hauls, but just doesn’t usually.

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Depends on The time I have, but usually ULH or SH

i love long hauls so i can leave my phone alone for a while and do other things

Though I do prefer short haul flights, I’m my opinion they’re so much better than medium and long haul flights. Plus if the flight is shorter you can choose do one whenever you want instead of planning your whole day around a long-haul flight.

GA is also really fun. It’s my favorite type of flying by far. Give me some mountains and an XCub and I’m happy.

I like ultra long ones starting from 19 hours

It depends on my mood. When I’m itching to grease a landing, I do short-hauls. When I want to fly just because or fly while doing other things, I do long-hauls. Medium-hauls usually are my flights to destinations that I found interesting.

I sometimes even do 17-18 hour flights

I like 1-5 hour flights