What type of event do you want next?

  • A fly out event at Tokyo Haneda
  • A series exploring Japan
  • A series where we fly delivery flights from the factory

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What time?

  • 0000Z-0610Z
  • 0600Z-1200Z
  • 1200Z-1800Z
  • 1800Z-2400Z
  • Anytime

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I’m building this poll to see
1.Which type of event you want
2.At what time

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Does it have to be Japan? That’s quite restrictive.

It is often a place where not many events are held. Places in the USA and Europe usually hog it. Plus the factory one will be held in Seattle and Toulouse.

@Chris_Wing @Georges180305 @anon70624511 @Pranjal_Agrawal around what time during that time corridor?

16 Zulu, but depending on the week day.

14:30 zulu to 15:30 zulu

weekdays: 1600Z
weekend: anytime

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