What type of device do you use to play IF with?


2018 iPad, it really comes alive on a good tablet…


iPad 9.7” 2016 32GB runs everything on max settings perfectly fine .


Samsung Galaxy S9. Might as well throw in my Samsung since everyone has an IPhone or IPad lol


I use my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 or my Air 2. I don’t use my phone to fly anymore.


Android= Samsung Tab S2 Galaxy (Only flies smooth on the lowest graphics)

Apple= IPhone X (Runs the game too smooth 😂)

One thing’s for sure is by having both an Android and an Apple device, I’m not missing on any updates 😏😋


I have a neato little thread which lists the devices that many people use… It would be great if you could all contribute to it, as it is made for this community!


Look at all you fancy people. I use IF on an Ipod Touch (the last on the list of compatible devices.)

All I can say is it works.


IPad 9.7 2018, runs smooth and is simply perfect for Infinite Flight!

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iPad Pro 10.5, runs like a dream. If I do a long haul overnight I use my iPhone X cause it’s generally more reliable.


iPhone 8 Plus 64gb and iPad Air 1


My old iPhone 7+ I just keep it in the charger most times :)


iPhone 7 Plus. It gets hot baby!!!


Samsung 8+, I get 3 to 4 hours on it if I use low power mode long ma enad on phone.


Mini 4
It works great

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Samsung Galaxy S7, both work fine, but the S7 battery is in repair for a big error.(I use the S7 when one of my younger sisters steal my phone,the Galaxy S8+)


I currently use an Ipad mini 4 that I got for my birthday!


My gaming computer LOL jk no.
This iPad that I’m typing this on. No idea the model though.


First gen iPad Pro 9.7 inch. Great device.

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iPad Air 2, and soon an Xs


iPhone 7 but in the summer of 2019 will upgrade to the iPhone XS.