What type of ATC is better

Hey everyone in the IF community,

I was going through air traffic control one day, and I didn’t know which one to do. Weather it was tower, ground,approach,departure. I’m not on expert server yet so I don’t know what atis looks like. I would like to know what other people think about air traffic control.

Thanks, Josh


Starting with Ground and Tower is your best bet. Open an ATC Tracking Thread to get pilots there to help you on your journey.

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It depends on your personal preferences. Some people like the bustling movements of aircraft on the ground, while other prefer directing traffic in the air. You can experiment for yourself and see what you like best.

If applying for IFATC, start with tower/ground like @Ecoops123 mentioned. That’ll set you up for radar training in the future.


I normally do approch you get a operation for every vector you give and you can vector people with your finger. Just open up an approch plate and vector planes for that plate

This is probably the easiest station, since you hit a few buttons and publish it. However, if you’re IFATC (allowed to control on expert) you cannot open just ATIS.

Before you open any station, Be sure to watch the online tutorials!

I’d recommend starting with just ground and getting a feel for those commands. Learn to pay attention to aircraft doing different things, how and when to use progressive taxi, etc. A lot of these things can be found in the ATC manual.

Once you’re comfortable with ground, move on to tower. Your best bet is to open without approach so you can get a feel for pattern entries and sequencing (If you’re with approach, you have to wait until approach hands them off to you to do anything, so there really isn’t much practice). It’ll also give you a feel for how separation should work.

If you’re comfortable with both ground and tower, go ahead and open both, since you need to be almost perfect in utilizing both frequencies at a busy airport.

After you’ve grown accustomed to doing both ground and tower, you can try out approach. I’d recommend taking it very slowly, starting at smaller airports. In my opinion, the best way to get really good at approach is to join IFATC first.

TL;DR ground, tower, approach

Hope this helps, le me know if you have any questions!


I can definitely say that I like approach controlling in IF the most.


I like them all. But I think tower can get demanding.

I mean, every position for ATC service is important. I don’t think there’s one better or easier than others. But I do suggest you start from the ground control. Good Luck! >_^

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Thanks, my air traffic control experience was much better. I wish you could get Xp when you do atc. Once again thank you.

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