What type of aircraft and airline should I use?

What type of aircraft and airline I should use, I’m going to fly from Toronto to LA.


B787-9 Air Canada

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Hey! There are several different realistic options that include the WestJet 737-800, Air Canada A321, and the Air Canada 787-9.

For the future, you can look this up on flightaware.com and it’ll show you. Hope this helps!


If you’re looking for realism, I would use an Air Canada 787-9. They fly the route YYZ-LAX Non stop under flight number AC791 🇨🇦

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Ok thanks I will use the 787-9 I was going to use an air Canada 777-200LR


Enjoy your flight!

I will thanks


Also how to I create my own callsign like AC791?

I would definitely check out flight radar 24. I personally like and use it a lot more than Flightaware.

On flight radar, you can put the ICAO-ICAO code and it will give you every active route including aircraft, airline, callsign, flight number, altitude, etc.

Hope this helps!

Tap on your account top right, and then hit callsign.

Ok thanks I will definitely check it out

I like the Air Canada A330 on this route

Thanks! This really helps for realism!

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