What type designer

Who does all of the design of the aircraft or the game itself

Jarno Deskin (not going to bother tagging him) does a lot of the aircraft and livery designing alongside Kirill who is less known publicly. If I recall correctly they also have/had some contractors working on aircraft at some point assisting but I can’t guarantee that’s accurate. Now to the app in general, Laura Laban and Philippe Rollin are the founders and creators of Infinite Flight. Hopefully this answers your question.


And if yu want to know, the airports are designed by a team called IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team).

Adding to what Asher said, from her instagram Laura seems to be the one responsible for the live cockpits and aircraft physics. On the subject of the game itself, Philippe is the one primarely working on the graphics (as said on .net rocks by Laura) for at least the last 1.5 years with the help of someone who goes by the username rgba8. As for the interactive side of things - Cameron works on the servers and general networking stuff, as well as do the UI.

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