What trust level do I need to edit a wiki and how to make one?

Hi, Infinite Flight community! 👋 I was wondering about a question that I’ve been thinking about lately and it’s “how does a wiki work, what trust level is required to make a wiki, and how do I edit one?” Also, I’ve been thinking about how to get this badge:

If anyone can answer all of these questions, it would be really appreciated!

You need to be TL3 (regular).

Wikis here are generally posts/topics that a regular makes and makes a wiki out of it with some of their privileges. The wiki would then be available to edit for other regulars.


How can I earn a badge Wiki Editor

That’ll possibly take a very long time but thank you for your answer

Once you edit a wiki, you will automatically be granted the Wiki Editor badge.

Moreover, mods / admins have the ability to make someone’s post a wiki.

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How can I earn a lot of badges

Read the description of each badge and you will understand. Take it slowly though, don’t start doing unnecessary stuff just to earn badges.


Just be active and it will happen naturally.


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