What trim should I use while landing on each aircraft?

What trim should I use while landing on each aircraft?

8% is usually what I use for most aircraft.

There really isn’t a “set” amount of trim you should be using. Your trim should vary depending on how much nose up or nose down support you need on landing in your particular situation.

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You should set it to a value so that the pink line in the trim settings box disappears/is balanced out.
In general, 20%-40% are good for most scenarios. Some aircraft such as the CRJs need 60%+ though.

I tend to keep a close eye on the trim state each time i change configuration (flap setting, speed, gear) and adjust as needed at +1/-1%, no faster, so that the trim is constantly updated to whatever is best at that moment.

During most approaches, there’s time enough between configuration changes to allow that time for the slow steady trim adjustment. Or for a last big correction between 500ft AGL and 200ftAGL.

I’ve seen as high as +65% when landing a slightly overweight 737-800 at PHNL, to as little as +12% in other circumstances.

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