What Trim do I use for Descent?

What trim do I use when I begin my descent? Positive or negative?

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It’s up to you, whatever you need

I use trim by the feel of the aircraft, not the specific number. Adjust it however would help you fly the aircraft the best :)

Mid body aircraft like the B737 or A320 I usually do 20% trim, wide body 10%, CRJ or Embraer I use 40% trim, this is just what I use.

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Like what they said up above it’s really up to you.

This forum has many answers for a simple question, and you asked this exact question recently. I would do some searching before creating so many topics.

But, in my opinion, please never use negative trim.

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Trim is only there so that you don’t have to use so much back pressure on the controls

FYI - Trim is irrelevant when you are flying with Auto Pilot. It become relevant when you take manual control.

Do you descend from cruise level by flying manually?

It’s actually not irrelevant … if you are badly out of trim, when you deactivate the autopilot you are more likely to have the pitch jerk from what the autopilot was maintaining, to the pitch angle that the trim setting wants to generate.

I always try to keep the plane trimmed as neutral (no bar) as I can, to avoid jerkiness.

Oh thats a lot, i usually do 10% on most of the aircraft and its just perfect.

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I respect your opinion!

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The purpose of trim is to neutralize forces of torque in the pitch direction.

But if you’re already trimmed prior to your descent and you don’t change your airspeed as you descend, pitch torque will not noticeably change, so you will stay trimmed.

Change in airspeed at this point is what will affect the need for trim adjustment (if any).

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