What To Use To Speed Up Footage For A YT Video?

Hi, I was going to start a YT channel where I would do flights flight Paris to Athens, Dublin to Amsterdam, London to Barcelona, etc. the flights (especially if I were to do a long haul like London to JFK) I am a level 3 so I do these types to flights normally on training and expert server) so what I was going to do was screen record the videos and edit them on my laptop. The question is what software should I use to speed up a video so that an 8-hour flight like Abu Dhabi to Seoul would be compressed into a 20 min video or a relatively short flight from Dublin to London which could be an hour and a half down to a nice 8-10 mins. I would be rec on an iPhone and editing on the computer. if you have any software that is free that I could use or an app on my phone. Basically what software does Infinite Flight Multiplayer use.

I hope that you can help. Thanks and have a good day.

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You’ll find many great things with the magnifying glass…
image This really doesn’t have a place in the forum.

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There are many options to speed up your video. There’s the photos app, which when you edit a video there’s an option to speed it up. There’s iMovie, which comes free on any iOS device (and Mac) and there are also many apps in the App Store that you can use. Hope this helps.

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My personal favorite is iMovie. If you need a tutorial on it, just let me know and I will help you!

Not advertising (seriously not), but if you look at some of my YouTube videos, you will see what a good job it does.

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I personally use PowerDirector to edit videos. That has good features for time shifting but most video editors have features to shift the time I think.


iMovie, the computer not phones

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This is an Infinite Flight forum and I understand you are trying to make an IF video but a quick google search can do the job for future reference to avoid clogging the forum up a bit. Google is your friend! 😊

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By how much faster tho is it x2 or x4 or X8? I’m looking for at least x8

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I don’t understand

This site makes it seem as though 12x is its limit.

There is almost no limit, that website is not accurate

Well, there you go. At least 8x no problem @LukeF4

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