What to take video with?

What to use to record

I am finding it really hard to even take a video with.

It either crashes my game, or it makes my game slow, so I need someone to tell me what to use to record videos.

Thank, You

iOS or Android?

iOS, that is my mobile device

I suggest checking this topic out:

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Thanks for the help, I will try it tonight.

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Do you have a MacBook? If that doesn’t work, you could plug in your iOS device to your MacBook and record it with your MacBook instead of using an application on your iOS device to record.

Nah I don’t but I am good with Shou.tv

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I recommend reflector 2.

Its a low cost application for a computer and runs through air play!

It records the sound of your device, rather than everything around it.

I recommend getting a new Android and using the built in recorder on IF with the new Android version…or what they said

Any idea if in-game audio could be recorded using the built-in recorder?

I use Android Lollipop 5.1.1

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I don’t think so, let me check

So, this is interesting. I used the built in recorder on IF and it only recorded the video. No sound. My Galaxy S7 comes with a game launcher that allows me to take screens hits and videos on the fly. That recorded video and sound.

Alright, thanks anyway… Will get some external recorder the next time round :)

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I’m actually confused as to why the IF recorder doesn’t record sound…

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I’m guessing that in-game recorder is new, and their updating it but I don’t know.

I use AirShou. It doesn’t crash, and it does the job well.

It doesn’t crash if you use something better than an iPad 2. I push my iPad 2 to the limits with high plane and water quality with anti- aliasing. To add to the top of that there is another app I have that also takes a lot of space. Added to that is I use airshou. So overall the final outcome may be laggy.

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