What to say when the ATC does it right!

Just to give it my congratulations.
I’m in KSFO yesterday, and as I said here I use a computer. I’m testing and I have to be on all Servers. In KSFO my system has had delays again. I am configuring (adjustments) I appear testo the delay if not good I left, this happened 3 times while I was stopped at the gate. Finally completed I requested taxi and I was authorized. Oriented to 28R there I go. But the ATC saw that I was slow and started asking to accelerate I was more confused I still do not have a good experience yet with ATC and in reading English and some messages yesterday was new to me. My plane crashed so I warned it was in stand by and I disconnected from the I.F. I configured my emulator again.
I returned to the gate and my surprise was to feel that the ATC understood that I was not very well, and helped me oriented to the closest track in the case the 1L I was surprised because it was red but I obeyed, the takeoff was perfect leaves with a bit of fright with a cross wind, a very weak delay, but it was perfect and now I just landed on LFPG without delay in the system.
What can I say then if another day I had problems with an ATC that did not notice certain things I must say to this that I do not know the name “MY CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE VERY GOOD” guided me and up to change the frequency was very well in your work is That’s what I expect from an ATC.
-> The reason for the delay is many planes at the airport, I’m setting up my system to solve this.
The server used was Training.
route -> KSFO to LFPG 05: 00z

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