What to say in ATC?

Hi, good day! So I have this question.

I will be flying to Paris (CDG) from Doha (DOH). I will also prepare the route (SID, STARs, and Approach) and before I’ll land in my destination airport, I want to pass Eiffel Tower (well to bad there weren’t any structure, but I can see the shadow of it). So my question is; If there are ATC Controllers on the expert server, what should I do? Will the ATC know my flight plan that I will pass through Eiffel Tower before I’ll land? Can I request altitude? Will I not be ghosted for doing that path? (haha)

1 - Fly above the CDG Airport
2 - Scenic View of the Eiffel Tower
3 - Left Base/Final



If there is an approach controller you can request VFR flight following and go on your way to visit and then request a service (or not) to be vectored for an approach.

If there is just a tower you can request a transition, fly to the Eiffle tower and then call inbound for landing.


Oh okay. Thanks!

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What altitude do you want to fly over the airport?

If you just input it into your flight plan before you enter the STAR, then you should be fine. However, if you want to decent before starting the star, you’ll need to request decent, then request climb back up to the required altitudes set at the beginning of the STAR. At that point, then you’ll request decent via ______ arrival. In total you should have 3 altitude change requests. A decent to _______ (for the tower) , a climb (to the beginning of the star) and a decent via ______ for your arrival. Be sure to visit the tower before you start your STAR, not during.

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Hey @IFPHG_Nnickyle! To do this request VFR. Keep in mind that all you still must listen to atc instructions and they can choose not to allow VFR. Also make sure you know all the rules of flying VFR.

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Great. Thanks!

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Wait, the tower is in IF? Cool!

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Nope, there isn’t, just a shadow of it.

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