What to say if I want to do a flyover?

Hey guys, quick question. If I’m flying patterns at an airport what do I say if I want to flyover/passover the runway? And is it allowed at airports that are not hosting an event or something like that.

If you cross through an active airspace, you need to request transition. Other than that, nothing is required.

I mean like touch and goes or go around

The " Cleared for the Option " procedure will permit an instructor, flight examiner or pilot the option to make a touch-and-go, low approach, missed approach, stop-and-go, or full stop landing.


There’s no way to ask for a low approach so I’d just do a low approach, just as you can go full stop when you are cleared for the option.


So with @Trio’s good info, I trust you got clear that you can request inbound for touch and go to be able to do a low pass. If you are already remaining in the pattern, and you have done a few touch and goes, the next ‘cleared for the option’ from Tower allows you to do your low pass (or a touch and go etc…). Do make sure you do a proper low pass and fly nicely over (the biggest) part of the runway.

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