What to say during a Rejected Takeoff?

With the ability to properly do Rejected Takeoffs with the release of 22.2, I was wondering. If we were to perform a rejected takeoff, what should we say to ATC? Should we request a taxi to the runway, or something else?



i wanted to ask that too!

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Basically nothing. The ATC will notice you are slowing down, so they will handle the situation in an appropiate manner.

I’d do it once out of the runway, in the taxiway. Rejecting a takeoff is like a landing. So always ask for taxi when exiting the runway.

There’s a cool request I’d like to point it out btw. Is asking for a command if case of a rejected takeoff, and the procedures.

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Technically in real life you would be stopped on the runway due to the immense heat created by the braking and your tires would be burning up Until the fire department can cool down the tires and brakes then the passengers would be evacuated. But in IF just exit the runway and then ATC will deal with your situation


Not necessary, usually the plane just taxies off and goes back to a gate or just stops. What you described is very extreme.


Could you reply with an “I’m sorry” to ATC just to confirm that they notice you are rejecting your takeoff?



If you rejected your takeoff, ATC will given exit runway if they want to

This is something ATC not want to happen at streams, especially with busy traffic that can slow the departures.

I wonder if there should be an ATIS that says “No Rejects Allowed” or “No Rejected Takeoffs Allowed” and make it a Level 2 Violation. Any thoughts anyone? Should I make this into a #features thread?

That’s comparable to not allowing go arounds… which would not be right. It’s best to just have good faith in each other and hope we won’t cancel our takeoffs unnecessarily. It’s also not something that’s too hard to deal with as the controller: cancel takeoff clearance of following aircraft, exit instruction to rejecting aircraft, deal with them appropriately on the Ground frequency.


Uh, no. That’s not something you’ll ever hear IRL. Why would we penalize people for something that doesn’t exist?


generally in infinite flight you would not encounter a situation where the pilot initiates the RTO, it’s usually initiated by a controller if a landing aircraft gets too close and has to go around.

although i can’t see a situation where the pilot would have to initiate it, i’d imagine you would exit the runway immediately, and contact ground for taxi (some IFATC higher-up please correct me if i’m wrong)

Rejected Takeoff

The how to quick guide

  1. Exit the runway on the nearest exit.

  2. Request taxi to:
    a. Parking
    b. Runway