What to get?

  • Boeing787-9
  • Cessna Citation
  • Other

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Live Plus.


Overall I would recommend the Boeing.

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Those don’t have quite the same pricetag.


I have a very limited budget of $15.


I’m recommending you keep saving and get Live+

Trust me, it’s worth it.


There’s really no point in getting Live+ since global flight is probably coming out soon.

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You guys keep saying that but I have a feeling Live+ will be tied to Global in a big way.

Not to mention that you get every available plane now and in the future for the term of your sub.


Yeah, really. It is worth it!

It’s more affordable to wait for the global update to come out either way.

No it isn’t. It fits under “other” as a recommendation.

Care to explain why

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@PlanesForLife and @zbelle refrain from going offtopic please. He has not asked for Live+ because of his budget. :)

Boeing 787-9 it is the most updated aircraft to date and its really nice and fun to fly.

I would say citation as its currently our only business jet.

Your post itself starts as “off topic”.
“Other” is open to interpretation and until a moderator or staff says Live+ isn’t “Other”, it isn’t your place to say so.

I’ll agree with the 787 recommendation though, but strongly advise the OP to save up for Live+.

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True, but I have the 787-8 already.

Citation is the best. Because it has some sweet and swaggy airframe. And looks good all out. It is good for short flights and medium flights and can do pattern with the beast.

Sorry, I just thought he was asking out of those three options. Didn’t know he wanted suggestions that he didn’t say or even imply.

First post is off topic you are correct.

  • A320 family
  • Live+
  • 747 family
  • ERJ family

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Which one

I would get Live + as you get all the planes if not then get the A320 family as you get a very big selection of planes and it was probably the best update of planes