What to get?

As some of you know, I had my birthday a couple weeks ago. However, I still am clueless as to what to use my giftcards on. Keep in mind that I might not go with the most voted opinion. So here are a few options:

  • GeminiJets 1:400 (There is one that I can’t get over)
  • Gemini200 (Would be my first Gemini200 model)
  • iTunes money (Would be used mainly for IF)
  • Other

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You need to do [/poll] at the end for it to work.

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I ment to do that

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What do you currently have in IF because otherwise I would go for a Geminijet. I have a 1:250 scale model it’s pretty neat.

I have a few regions, my live is expiring soon, and I have almost half the planes.

And how many model planes do you have?

Like 13 GeminiJets 1:400

GeminiJets all the way.

I think I’d go for the money for IF. Maybe if you have enough money a joystick.

I have all 1:200! If you are my age, you would love them.

you should definetley get gemini 1:400 or any 1:400 model. i reccomend phoenix. i have like 45 of them

I already have a joystick

Do you have Live+ yet?

No, I don’t.

@gjwhite14 I have a gemini200 Emirates A380-800 and trust me, it is top notch! it’s my pride and beauty:)
Its expensive but worth it!


Does ot have the removable landing gear?

Yes it does, and the engine blades can spin around

Got one Gemini 1:400 and got addicted… Scale Model Aircraft Collections


I had a few pics of mine, but it’s in storage because we’re moving and I deleted the photos of it

I made my decision: I made a comprimise to get a 1:400 scale model and iTunes. I still really do want a 1:200 scale model, but I can’t afford the one I want.

Thank you all!