What to Expect When You Vacate Your Device Prior To Cruise

What you should expect: Violations.

What these violations are not: A mystery.

What will not happen: Removal of the violations.

Why we must go through this exercise 5 times a day escapes me. Responses like “maybe there was a gust of wind” or “maybe AP disengaged for a moment” obfuscate the simple reality: you set up your speed at whatever altitude you were at as you climbed, and, quelle surprise, the max IAS lowered below your previously-set speed, you received 6 violations and that’s that.

There’s no mystery. No reason to pretend that there was a glitch. No reason to suspect anything other than what we know happened happened. You weren’t watching your flight when the red tape sunk below your set speed.

I personally don’t care if you want to vacate your flight, just don’t create “Wha?” Thread number 5 for the day when it does. It’s how things work. This is really getting tiresome.

Here’s Tyler’s politically-correct version:

It is unfortunately closed, so I can’t simply bump it. I’m sure this will be called a duplicate, but apparently we need, as a community, to refresh our memory. Not only those that create these threads, but those that think they’re being helpful by trying to rack their brains for some convoluted explanation for the simple.

Occam’s Razor. It’s clear what happened. What is to be gained by trying to come up with 20 different ways it may have happened for each one of these wearisome threads when there’s always a single, simple explanation?

You can’t spend 10 minutes climbing to cruise? Your prerogative. But by making that decision, you accept the logical outcome of it. Which is, inevitably for the ill-prepared, 6 violations for speeding and a system ghost. [No one ever seems to notice that it’s beneficial that they’re capped at 6. Could be unlimited. One flight could destroy your ratio for access to the server for longer than the week. No one ever seems happy about that, for some reason.]

They’re not coming off. It’s not a mystery why your grade changed. Nothing supernatural. Nothing complex. No crazy bug that can be reproduced by taking sixteen steps. Just simple physics.

You have two options:

  1. Vacate your device during climb and take what comes from it in stride.
  2. Don’t fly if you can’t make it to cruise before leaving.

There is not a third option for “vacate the flight, become confused by the simple concept of how max IAS relates to altitude and create thread number 1,439,493 about how it’s totally unfair that the physics continued to function properly while you decided to start a flight you couldn’t hang with for even 10 minutes.”

Here’s where I would love an addendum to Tyler’s post:

To the community at-large: Please stop entertaining these complex explanations for the simple. All it does is leave open the possibility that there is some invisible force behind these violations. There isn’t. It’s as simple as it gets. I don’t even have to open the thread titled ‘Violations???’ to tell you exactly how it will play out. We’ve done it enough. Point them to Tyler’s thread and leave it at that. That’s it. No secret. No mystery. You set a speed at 10100 feet and then left while you climbed to FL370. We know what happened. “I’m a good pilot” isn’t a quantitative analysis of the speeds involved. Those are done by the server and they’re done consistently every time.

By going through the same inaccurate suggestions every single thread, we simply perpetuate the idea that something is amiss, when there most definitely isn’t. It’s as clear-cut as they come. Set a speed and leave, tape moves down, violations result. Nothing else to ponder. No affirmation of the poster’s theory of a spiteful code or misunderstanding of how flight works with regard to the relationship between altitude and max airspeed needed.

They took a gamble and lost. Simple as that. Every day, we do this four or five times. It’s time we stop adding to the problem by suggesting they may have a point this or that time. They don’t. It’s always the same explanation. Let’s do our part to cut down on this nonsense by refusing to offer soothing affirmation of their befuddlement. Cut it off at the source. One person posts Tyler’s thread above, and we move on. It’s the perpetuation of the affirmation of the indefensible and non-mysterious that just leads to more threads every day.

Just as with ghost queries, there’s simply nothing for those uninvolved to add. The pilot decided to leave, but doesn’t want to take the fallout from that decision. Oh, well. Their loss. We don’t need to reinforce the behavior, even if we think it’s helpful in some manner. It’s not. It obfuscates reality in favor of a fantasy that the system has become sentient and hands out violations out of spite. Doesn’t happen.


Bravo, this covers everything that anyone wanting to create one of those topics, should read before they post anything

Very well said. I think planning is the key for those who gonna leave their device during flight :)

What if there’s a feature creatured (or maybe it already exists) where a screen shot or log entry is taken of flight parameters at the moment a violation is received? FDD gets one and the user gets a copy on their device.
-This would help remove the grey areas irresponsible pilots or occasional glitch victims create when they cry glitch.
-It would also educate them if it they truly want to learn, but don’t know the exact violations they received.
-Knowing we’re all being “watched” would hopefully reinforce the idea that the pilot is ultimately responsible for the plane’s performance.
-Server storage space? - not sure if that would be an issue, maybe automatically delete files more 15 minutes - hour after flight? Not too familiar with these kinds of things.
-Other issues I have no idea exist.

I don’t propose this to “baby” irresponsible pilots. I recently got an overspeed violation on descent at 9000 feet, which took me from Grade 5 to 3. I may have cried a little bit (one tear), but I will take my medicine and be more vigilant next time.
This is just an idea - if creating this saves FDS/IFC time listening to false glitch accusations, maybe it’s a good one!

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Thank you! Simply put, your aircraft shouldnt be over 320KIAS below FL280 for widebodies and shouldnt be over 300KIAS below FL280 for narrowbodies. Thats just how it is flown throughout the world. Anything over that, especially the 320KIAS limit you can expect some retraining on your airlines operating procedures.

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Honestly, if people know they won’t make it to cruise before AFK, just set it at KIAS 220. You’ll be fine all the way up

Praise Tim and all his glory be!


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@Tim_B. MaxSez: Another great Topic Tim. I note some of the usual suspects responded with there irrelivent take like Mine…

Unfortunately this type Topic which runs to more than 2 or 3 sentences losses traction. The primary whiners & kiddies attention span is limited and their ability to absorb and understand technical data is short termed. Great topic, next time you want to educate the IF Great Unwashed suggest you present in Comic Book form or use lotsa pictures.

Who lov’s ya Baby! Respectfully, Max

(@THE-OP, A man of few words… I’ll finish your accolade ; “Let the congregation say; “AMEN, Tim”)


Yeah, it’s a consistent issue with me. Unfortunately, I just can’t bring myself to storyblock it out. I tried it once and it felt artificial and stilted. I realize my verbose nature limits the audience, but I just can’t stomach tailoring my thoughts for the new generation of TL;DR-ers. I never baby-talked or talked down to my daughter and as a result she knows how to talk like an adult. Maybe part of me still thinks it’s possible to chip away pieces of the block of inattentiveness, but I’m aware it’s a lost cause.

Unfortunately, you’re right. But, it would take work and effort for me to draw it out in picture form so-to-speak. Feels fake and contrived. Part of me still hopes for a literate future, I suppose. I’m going to be wildly disappointed, I know, but a man can dream.

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I am definitely going to bookmark this post to show this to more people that complain about glitches on violations.

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