What to expect when traveling out of the United States

If anyone has flown during the pandemic, COVID test were not required back then, now it’s way more precautious to travel in or out of the Untied States.

I will be traveling in early June with my mom to Mumbai, India. Does anyone know what I can expect upon arrival in India? I know that a negative coronavirus test is required, anything else that will be required from anyone’s knowledge upon arrival in Mumbai?


I don’t have knowledge on this, but u can maybe check the CDC of India or maybe a Health Department that specifies those things ur looking for.

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Hey- PM @Transport_Hub - he flew to India from the US earlier this year and should be able to give you some good insight.


I’ve traveled once to Seoul and back in August, I believe you must or it’s highly recommended to get fully vaccinated before traveling (vaccine wasn’t out yet so we didn’t need it), at the time, we quarantined ourselves for 14 day before traveling which wasn’t required but we did it for safety. Upon arrival, we had a bunch of safety checks ect, not sure how different it is because that was half a year ago.

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I haven’t traveled to India, but the COVID cases there are seriously high, so you need to be precautionary in the long run. I don’t know what else is required to go to India, but i know they are cutting down on people who arrive.

Will do, thanks!

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@Texan ,

I do not have the immediate info, but working with a lot of international students, we have had to pay attention to the rules and regulations along the way.

Many of the regulations of traveling into the US have been relaxed somewhat. I believe you still need a negative covid test within 72 hours of flying, however, having the vaccine may supplement this very soon. You will need to check India’s latest, as of January they required a negative covid test prior to flying.

If you are connecting, for example in london or somewhere in europe, you will need to make sure to double check their regulations as well as you will be going through their customs.

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One thing I recommend. When coming back make sure you have a list of OFFICIAL, from the airline, places that do tests in India when returning.

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@BennyBoy_Alpha was just saying that this is a strictly IF Forum, and you could have searched up the requirements, or watched some videos explaining this. He was implying that ““IFC is not Google””, not saying that you said it

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Adding on, unless you’re traveling for family related reasons, CDC advised to not travel at all to India.

Of course though, I’m not you so that’s up to your family, best of travels Huzefa!

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You can always check out the US state department’s “Travel” website, they have some information about Americans traveling abroad specific to each country 👍

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Will do, thanks everyone! I have heard that a COVID test is required to be taken in India upon arrival…


I did search it up, just couldn’t get a lot of good information

Yea doing some research right now there isn’t a lot of helpful information

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Hey Huzefa,

Hope you’re doing well. I flew from Newark to Bengaluru via Delhi in February 2021 with United & Air India. There was an air bubble agreement between the US and India, so if you wanted to fly between the US and India, you could only choose United or Air India. The likes of Emirates, Qatar, BA etc. were out of the question for my journey.

A negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure was required, as well as completion of the Air Suvidha form. Only US Passports were allowed as far as I know, everyone with a Visa except the emergency variant were denied boarding. Upon arrival in Delhi, there was a lot of chaos and in India especially, social distancing isn’t as much of a “priority” as it is here in the states so just be prepared to have both double masks and a face shield in order to protect yourself. You have to present your negative PCR form and the completion of Air Suvidha form reference ID number. There are also about 10-15 other documents that need to be filled out upon arrival.

If you have any further questions, please feel to shoot me a PM, I’d be happy to help.


Thanks so much, really appreciate it. I will definitely take this as a reference when traveling.