What to expect when going into Grade 2

Hello! I’m new to this whole IF community going on here, and I’m a new Pilot! I would like to know what I should expect when going into Grade 2 from Grade 1, like what should I expect and if there is anything I should do to prepare myself, what should I do?

Current Device: iPhone XR, no special equipment or anything of some sort!
Grade: 1


Hi there going into grade 2 is not different from grade 1 the only changes that you will get is access to the training server and the ability to control on infinite flight ATC

If you’re looking for realism in the training server, then avoid big hubs such as EGLL and KLAX. The controllers there don’t know what they’re doing and it’ll likely end up worse than casual.
Watch your speed! When I first entered the server I often went too fast after takeoff as I was busy focusing on other things. Ensure you do not use too much thrust on takeoff.
Revise the violations that you can get - No going over 250kts below 10000ft, no taxiing faster than 35kts, no idling on runways, no aerobatics near airports.
If you’re interested, check out some ATC tutorials and get controlling! Pick a small ish airport that has some traffic such as VHHH, RJAA or EDDF, people are more likely to listen to you there.


Try and Avoid these things


There will be the ability to interact with live ATC on the training server and build up some skills on the ground and in the air that will eventually be used well when you can access the expert server. The ATC on training may also be training as well so patience with each other is key.

Also, training server will issue automatic violations for various reasons (as Captain Hoss shows above). Keep the violations down and treat it as a clean slate – remember “lifetime violation” numbers will stay so try use the available facilities.

Most of all – enjoy it! 😊

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Thank you!

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