What to expect: Hanoi - Kuala Lumpur onboard Vietnam Airline's A321

I see that there are no TVs on this 3h15m flight, which really is a shame. I will take this flight in 3 weeks, two weeks after visiting Laos with Air Asia!

Fyi, I’ll be flying the A321-200 there. Except the TV, are there any things I need to know?

Here’s the cabin (not my photo):

Here’s the aircraft itself (not my photo):

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Just fly it. Or you could look at YouTube or Google Reviews.


Thanks for changing the category @Infinite_Flight_Sims… I completely forgot to!

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There aren’t any of this flight. Theres one thats 3 years old tho!

Well, if it’s a new route, the chances that someone from the IFC has flown it are slim, so I can recommend just flying it, and providing an experience report on it for future use.


You could just make a trip report of it instead of making another “What to expect” topic.


It isn’t really a new route tho…

I would expect a normal flight. You’ll probably (not completely certain though) depart, reach a cruise altitude, and then land a couple hours later. Maybe a drink service, maybe even food. You’ll probably have flight attendants and pilots onboard, but again, I’m not 100% sure about that.

I have to agree with @Connor and @Altaria55, maybe you could make a trip report rather than a “What to expect thread”


Ok, ok. I’ll delete this topic since all of you seem to hate it so much.