What to expect at LHR this weekend

In a few hours the big LHR rush will begin. Currently, there are 111 inbounds to the airport. I want to know what you guys I should expect. Will it be perfectly organized with traffic running smoothly, or will it be chaos like today at Denver? If you also have any tips on what I should/n’t do please tell me!

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It’ll be very busy. Expect major delays. To ensure controllers get you on the ground safely, it may take longer. Be aware and be extra courteous of others.


I already planned not to approach the airport as I don’t like approaching busy airspace’s anyway as it’s very stressful for me and simply not fun. So I will only be departing however I hope I won’t have to wait 1 hour for takeoff.

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You never know. It could be an hour wait to be honest with you. When you are approaching a busy airport it’s the same deal as you approach a less busy environment. Just follow the instructions ATC gives you and you will be just fine. Think as if it’s not that busy. I think the concept of congested airspace gets into people’s heads. I know you’ve been around on this ifc for a while so I think you are totally capable of doing it with the knowledge you have.Try new things. Feel more than free to pm me with any questions going into it if you choose to do so! :)


remember that IFATC know what they are doing. If their approach online follow their directions. They will make life for you 10x easier.

Hi Philippe!

LHR would be super busy for the next two days. I trust IFATC to be super as usual though. But you can expect the typical holding patterns, heavy traffic, you know, like something out of Heathrow airport lol.

I also suspect holding around the major VORs, Biggin Hill, Ockham, Bovingdon, and Lambourne.


Hello everyone, first of all congrats @Philippe_Gilbert for becoming chief pilot at 9WVA. Now to your question, what should we expect today and tomorrow? See IFATC are trained and work on controlling such busy airports but you got to understand that at the end of the day IF hubs gets very unrealistic amount of traffic which is sometimes very difficult to handle. I believe there will be center with two approaches, one tower and one ground for most of the time to deal with the crazy amount of traffic. I can asure you that pilots will have to be at the very best as well because tight spacing will be there, Delays, long taxi, gate hold might take place so this is gonna be fun. Also ifatc will have to be strict so if someone is not following the rules no additional warnings will be given. Let’s hope that everyone controls well and pilots enjoy flying in/out of LHR. Good Luck!!

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Help the IFATC out tomorrow! Fly to other airports not flown to much! Other controllers are always happy to see traffic!

For me, I plan on flying a BBJ or ACJ to Gibraltar!

If you think it will be bad with ATC just imagine it WITHOUT them, they work hard and know what they are doing

What’s all the fuse…Have a great aviation experience for the airspace…geez…there are over 4000 plus airports on any server…Let IFATC and Pilots who understand just make it happen…always a complaint for something, someone etc…god it gets old…sorry flag if needed 👌🤣…every week its the same…a tutorial…then opinions of all, then blah blah…for every major hub…😂😂

I honestly think there should be one runway dedicated for takeoffs and one for landings. Its more chaos using both for each

It’s kind of difficult at an airport like Heathrow to only use one runway for takeoff or landing. They are on opposite sides of the airport, which would cause more congestion.

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Hey! I think it will be more organized than today because EGLL is at sea level. Maybe today KDEN was a chaos due to pilots attitude, most of the pilots think that if they are flying at or above 10,000 ft they can fly at 340 KIAS, also there is a speed restriction (210 KIAS) in the charts and pilots were flying at 250-260 KIAS. Not always is our fault, sometimes pilots don’t have common sense and we have to slow down all the aircraft and warn them 2 or 3 times. Let’s see what happen tomorrow, I hope to see pilots enjoying tomorrow!

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I was planning to fly out of LHR a lot, but the waits discourage me. I think I’ll stick my feet in the water a few times this weekend and perhaps fly a GA through the airspace, but I’ll mostly stick to other airports I think. A hour long wait isn’t my thing. On the other hand, our radar controllers will establish a line upon region change and I would trust them with my virtual life, they do know what they are doing :) Expect a standard HUB airspace, perhaps a little more busier since its featured twice.

Just a bit late to the party, but…

At the moment I am seeing 189 inbounds, plus minimal ground traffic. As the world starts to wake up, expect it to become even busier. Obvious items such as no light aircraft and no pattern work can be expected. Gate holds may occur depending on how big the waves are. Procedures will be recommended, and possibly required if traffic builds to an extreme at once.

TL;DR: Be cautious, avoid sending unnecessary/duplicate messages, obey all ATC instructions, and understand that delays are prominent.


This will highly depend on the amount of ATC present at a given time. If the great team of volunteers are staffing approach, tower and center it should be a great experience, but if you end up in a gap with no or little ATC, but very high traffic it can also be a stressful experience.

I’m currently controlling ground at the moment. There are a total of 6 frequencies open at EGLL right now. ATIS, ground, tower, departure and two approaches.

There’s a lot of internal coordination going on and we are trying to reduce the traffic amount and delays.

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Here’s the deal: an airport that already had runway capacity problems receives unrealistically big amounts of traffic. Basically the advice is to plan your flight to land when americans are not awake, and I’m not even joking, I’ve found that the biggest traffic volumes are when it’s day in americas.

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Me an American. :(

In terms of how it appears to be going as of now, its not very congested, most of the line is at most 5-7 aircraft long. The line appears to be long but neatly organized.

Another thing to mention is that Infinite Flight has grown, more pilots have had time to reach expert server and more pilots means more traffic.

London Heathrow is supper popular. And as many have said, the best solution would be to give ATC time to get to your message, Exit the runway as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE (that’s a big thing that needs to be addressed) follow all ATC instructions, and lastly enjoy what the IFATC featured airport has to offer because this is as realistic as it gets rn.

Also If you are reported please please please don’t make a public topic saying that you were reported wrongfully and … just go to IFATC.org and find your controller then search them up in the users page and then send them a message to why you were reported.

Or contact @appeals

Cheers everyone and enjoy LHR today and tomorrow