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I was landing at BOS and was cleared rnwy 33L. The catch is apparently ATC cleared someone else to land 04R at the same time. As far as I can tell, neither of us were instructed to go around and ended up colliding at the intersection. My question is, seeing the other person was landing and I was already reversing, should I have gone around to avoid it?

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You can always go around if it don’t look right coming down


Okay thanks! And Swiss 001 rocks


You don"t need an ATC clearance to go around as a pilot in command.


Ok, it was mostly just that I had already touched down and was reversing, can a go around still be executed then?

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No. You can’t go around after deploying reverse thrust.


you can acelerate and take off again if you have enough gap. You can do anything to not crash and kill the passengers.


Agreed dude

Ok, thanks

Indeed, maybe I should have just slowed down immediately

I hope you have good insurance.

If you’d already touched down, and assuming the other aircraft did not, they should have gone around.

Technically speaking, yes. However, it’s undesirable and not recommended.

Regardless, the separation aspect should have been managed by the controller. The second a collision was deemed probable, one of the two aircraft should’ve been told to execute a go-around. That said, it is also the pilot’s responsibility to monitor their surroundings, so if ATC fails to recognize a situation, the pilot has every right to abort the landing—your aircraft, your safety, your decision.

I’d strongly suggest messaging the controller as they can explain what happened and why it happened. Who knows, maybe the spacing was correct, but one of the two aircraft did not obey a speed restriction.

I hope this helps!


I would send the controller a PM on the IFC just to start a friendly discussion. We are always learning and love hearing feedback from the community

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If you noticed there was going to be a possible incursion you should have gone around the second you started questioning landing. I keep that as a general rule whenever I fly. Also in a busy situation it is extremely possible for a controller to not notice this situation also why you have to be super aware of your surroundings. :)

Hope this helps! Awesome you made the topic looking to learn from this experience!


Alright, thanks for the clarification! I will proceed to do that


Understood, I appreciate the advice!

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Hey! Was this on the Training or the Expert server?

Do you deploy the reverse thrust after you put the nose down or once your main gear touches the runway?

I remember someone telling me to only deploy them after I put my nose gear down in case a touch and go/go around is needed to avoid a collision

Answer this, if this was real would you be able to ask this question now? Lol.

@CaptainSooraj it was expert
@Aviator_SG my nose was down, I do reverse a couple seconds after the mains hit but I was already 4-5 seconds into reversing.
@FlyerCharm good point, panic maneuvers activated 😅