What to do?

Hello, I just missed approach at Istanbul Airport now as the ATC Instructed me to go around and make right traffic runway 35R.

But then right after I did go around, he told me to change frequency thinking that I just took off!

And now when I reported my position To let him know that I missed approach, he told me “ Tower Is not accepting pattern work “

I am now stuck In the air not knowing what to do.

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Hello mate,

Your best bet is to message @I-am-the-captain-now as he is the current controller and I’m sure he can help you out.


After a go around i think you are supposed to contact approach

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Will do! Thank you Mr.Declan. 🌹

But the approach Is not active.

The tower mistakenly thought that I am doing pattern work when I actually missed approach.

That’s most likely true. What @Declan_O said will also answer your question


Controller’s Name Is : Andrew Swift. Can someone please send me his @?

If it’s at Istanbul (LTFM) @Andrew_Swift is the current controller.

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Thank you!

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