What to do?

I was approaching to LFPG, checked in as LAN Chile 18, IFATC High Flyer or something like that who was on approach told me to contact LFPG Tower without any radar vectors to approach, then Tower told me to contact Approach 'cause obviously I wasn’t on the ILS and this ATC report me 'cause not following his instructions of contacting Tower.

So now I can’t play on Expert Server…
What can I do?

Please send a PM to @anon66442947. He is IFATC Flying High and will be able to tell you why he reported you.


I’ll request Tom to remove this report as he was sending South Arrivals to my frequency without me know, causing me to send them back, causing confusion between both of us. We have figured ourselves out though. Tons I’ll still be contacting you in the coming time.


Thanks man, it was confusing to many of us.