What to do?

So today I was approaching MMTJ in my A319. Both ends of the runway were green. I was cleared to land 09 by the tower controller shortly before he disconnected. As I continued my final approach, a new tower controller joined. He told me to go around and enter the pattern for runway 27. Seeing how I was only 1 nm from the the threshold, I continued my inbound and landed on runway 09. Was this the right move?

Just land if that runway was green
(I Will do that)

My motto is always listen to ATC. In this case, you didn’t. You would be at fault. However, the tower controller should’ve let you land nonetheless.

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I was that controller, and there were already 3 other aircraft holding short 27, and landing on 09 only gives you one chance to exit the runway before you go onto the hold short part for 27. You missed the first and only exit, and then had to run through aircraft holding short. It’s ok though, It was my mistake also.

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Always listen to the controller, regardless of Server.