What to do with trolls

So I was tower and ground at KSNA on TS1 just now and had Navy2003 in a C130 taxiing around, obstructing runways, and clogging up the frequency with nonsense. After a few minutes I just decided to ignore him, but then I got a pop up box saying I didn’t respond to a request for 60 seconds so my communication was going to be cut. Is that really a policy of IF? What do you do with trolls who just want to mess things up? Thanks.

It’s TS1.

You can always pack up the toy box and go home, or try another region?


Report report report, as ATC (apparently it still reports even though it’ll say your ratingis too low) and as a fellow pilot on the airfield!


Unfortunately you just have to deal with them.


What I do when I want to be an ATC on TS with trolls, I be an ATC at a region such as Paris. Because of a paid region like Paris, you have the guys that have Live+ and not the trolls that pay for Live month to month

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It’s TS1. Sadly there isn’t much you can do besides report.

As others have said, there isn’t much you can do on the training server besides dealing with them.

If you’re interested in controlling in a more professional environment, you could always become an IFATC.