What to do with annoying controllers

What should I do when im miles away from the airport still on approach receiving instructions and the tower keeps blasting me with contact tower.

is it a training server controller or an Expert server controller.If its an Expert controller give me the name or shoot him a PM

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First off, if I may ask, what server was this on?

When writing these reports, its good for us to know whether it was Training or Expert.

If this is training server most controllers don’t exactly know what their doing. I recommend looking on the forum for active tracking threads to get a better experience on the expert server.

If this was on training,there is sadly nothing you can do. Some people are still on the learning rope out there.

Training server, will do more expert server from now on

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Good idea, but since this is Training, I would just move out of their airspace, and divert to another airport. They clearly dont know what they’re doing.

Expect Training server users to do that.Some of them are just learning or just playing around

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While you can be sure to have better service on Expert, your question was, what to do with ‘annoying’ ATCs on Training server. My answer is: give the ATCs the benefit of the doubt. Look at this in a positive way, and assume they are there to learn and not to annoy you. They are just as ‘annoying’ as a learner driver in front of you who is driving slow. Help them by following their instructions to the best of your abilities, and do this until it becomes rediculous. When this happens, just tune out and divert to another airport.


The problem here was that I was starting the approach and was about 160° to the runway and several miles away. I was having a hard time reading the approach instructions while he was spamming contact tower. At a point I hopped frequency and sent “Im sorry” and hopped back onto approach bht he persisted.

Good one, the I’m sorry.
Remember that, when someone is clearly out there misbehaving (deliberately and clearly behaving like an idiot just to hassle people) as a pilot or controller, can can write a message to a moderator with the screenshots, and leave the rest op to IF staff.

Ok, i’ll keep it in mind for the next time.

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