What to do with a TBM in one month...

Hi tbm lovers. I was looking at the best way to cross the atlantic ocean and found this amazing real trip report :

Best landings!


Wow, nice!

Thanks! Inspiring for me. I just landed in Tarbes coming from Tasmania in many short flights… was looking for a way to reach Ushuaia. Well, now I know the route!



Another crossing suggestion, would be to stop at the Azores. Most sim pilots forget these or don’t know about them.

Rob O

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That’s right, thanks for suggesting! In my case, i’ll be heading for Brasil, so Azores would be to far up North. I’ll save this for a latet trip!

Instead of passing through Azores, go through Madeira! Fun approach, good scenery, and it’s on the way to Brasil

I will try one day, thanks. My pb being I can only do short flights due to time missing in RL!

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Crossing the pond in such a plane with only one engine takes a whole lot of faith…

Not in IF! 😝

In Infinite flight, you can just chose any flat spot (of which there are plenty in the ocean), and set her down! And I mean unless you’re dumb and turn it off, it wolnt fail in the first place, makes things nice and easy… 😂

only joking, while what I say is true in IF that would be nerve wrecking to say the least IRL…

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You’re right, though reading the trip report, it is wisely planned and executed. I also found interesting to read that they communicate at some point with an airliner which the relays to furthet Atc.
I personnaly have been stunned to see people undertake such a trip with such a small plane! But it seems they know what they are doing!

A lot more people do it than we think. Cirrus, Cessna and Pipers all go up to Greenland to cross, mostly for deliveries or whatever the reason. TBM or Pilatus are turbine, so not too bad since they’re really really reliable. But doing it in a piston aircraft? How can that aircraft even takeoff with such huge steel balls they got. I fly for a living and I wouldn’t do it for 100k$

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I would not fly a piston aircraft on sea either… even with two engines!

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The TBM maker, Daher, had published an article about this RTW trip, which I just found now.
That trip is indeed a cool advertisement for them!

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