What to do when your pro sub is expired

My pro sub ended today and I won’t be able to Renew it for probably a couple days. So sad! Anyway what do you guys do when you don’t have pro. Do you still fly or do you abandon IF til you have pro. What do you non pro guys do. It’s been a long time since I haven’t had pro and it’s just now hitting me that I can’t do another E175 across the country

Well back when I didn’t have pro, I would fly my favorite route, LAX-SFO on the united 737-700! I hope you get your subscription back soon!


This is literally my go-to also

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That might be what I have to do. They got rid of the default zone around Chicago 😥. I used to fly a lot there when I didn’t have pro

You can also do southwest or Hawaiian near the islands, however i hate the boeing 717. So i say the 737 is the best aircraft to fly with non pro.

I hope you get your subscription back!

As a former Casual Server troller who currently doesn’t have Pro (and won’t have one for a while), I just spawn in with any plane and fly around and/or practise landings.

Update: I just went to Walmart and got an ITunes card but it’s only enough for one month. Better than nothing though. So I only had to do one solo non pro flight and it was southwest 737 LAX-…… the ocean

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Haha, I’ve tried that one before, doesn’t turn out too well!

Save money in advance, fly without pro until I can buy the yearly one again, and then buy it

Uhhh now I have a problem. The last message I sent was before I had bought another month of pro but it was after I redeemed the iTunes card. So my iTunes account is now at $10.40 but a mont of pro is $9.99 but when I went redeem it said insufficient funds??? Why is this

Bro how is $10.40 not enough to get something that costs $9.99

Sales tax, the government wants their cut.

Unfortunately there is tax. That really stinks…i hope you find away around it!

Ugh i never noticed taxes. Just when I got my hopes up then this happens

I always buy a new one! Every month!

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Well there is always tax evasion…


Ok I payed with 2 separate cards to get 1 month of pro. If should be proud of how good there flight sim is that it made me go through the hassle to do this I just wish taxes weren’t a thing

Don’t we all… glad you’re back with us!

You could go retro and do laps of a region like in the pre-global era.