What to do when vectored out of bounds? Tampa Approach

So I was just on Tampa Approach but my throttle was cut following ATC instruction. What should I do next time when faced with this scenario?


If you were on expert server, you could PM the ATC. If you were not able to find the ATC, you could PM an ATC moderator.


The controller probably just forgot about you, maybe because the airspace is busy


Sometimes some planes get a long vector as sometimes it gets really busy on Expert Server. But like on Tampa which in this case, You have to leave the region in order to reach the active runway (In this case, Runway 19L) so I think it’s not true if they forgot about you

Maybe some IFATCs can help to answer this question? I’m curious aswell with this question


@anon66442947 is your controller. It is because of how close Tampa is to the edge of the map that this happens.


Sometimes it happens. There are some approaches that lead you outside the covered area. The autopilot disconnects by itself. But no worry: you have to fly manually until you reach again the area. Pay attention, the throttle will automatically return to zero if you move your finger away from the screen. That means that you have to control constantly the throttle without the autopilot. CORRECTION: I try to reproduce it in free server. The throttle moves up but the engines remains at 0% power. It worked in older versions but now it seems not, sorry


If you know you’re exiting the region and you’re throttle has been cut, it’s best to turn back towards the region so your engines can start up again. I’ve faced this before in Tampa and did just that and, luckily, faced no consequences.

Of course, the controller may tell you to “follow instructions”, if he notices you making a wrong move, which may end up in a ghost, unfortunately. If that’s the case, then you can contact the approach controller or an IFATC moderator whom will probably reverse the ghost (as long as you have the screenshots, such as the one above, to prove that it was a controller error and not your error).

I know this is very annoying, especially around airports being so close to the region boundary. Sometimes, it gets very busy for approach controllers and they usually do not have the time/have forgotten to check if you or another pilot is nearing the edge of a region. When global does come out, however, this will no longer be an issue.

I hope this helps.


It’s a very fine line to where I had you. Did not think I had you far enough where your throttle would’ve been cut . Won’t have to worry about it in the future with global 😊 Also , you may have turned slower and not as fast as you should have when I told you to turn base .


The controller was doing an awesome job and when I was given my final heading that’s when my IAS went from the request 160kts to 130kts leading to the stall.

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I think it is a common issue when on 19L Approach however you were doing an awesome job with all of the traffic. I just didn’t want to get ghosted and I try to fly with the most realistic mentality and attitude that I can. Thanks for the help Tom and everyone! Next time I will be a little more aggressive with my turns coming into Tampa.

Yea after this screenshot I disabled all auto controls and assumed command of my plane but I couldn’t bring her back into the boundary in time.

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At least you weren’t exceeding 160 knots…


I don’t want to rehash what’s been said above, but this seems like a great time to remind everyone that on a busy Approach frequency, watch for the green command, do not wait to hear it before executing the command.

As stated, at airports like KTPA and KDEN, where you have to leave the region, you’ll be skating a very thin line. Quick reaction time is necessary to ensure that you turn base prior to engine cutoff.

But that applies everywhere. Busy approach frequencies can have a long delay between when the command is given and when you will hear it audibly. Vectors from approach are time-sensitive, so please watch instead of listen.

(While we’re at it, a manual turn now and then would be great.)

The above is meant as a general appeal, not to single out the OP or anyone else in particular. It’s a common issue.


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Turn back toward the region.


Yeah. He was flying to Vancouver from Tampa

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