What to do when tower does not reply?

I just requested landing at KSAN and tower has not responded. After a few minutes I requested, and then requested again. What do I do when tower does not reply?



They are responded to everyone else apart from me.

Fly on the Expert server.


Never “just takeoff” come on training server still has rules.


Just resume own navigation.

Try and try and try and try and try and try and try again.

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put this in ATC.

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I would fly on expert, however it’s in a region I don’t have today. :/

Advanced ATC quite commonly have aircraft come up as “unknown” it’s a known problem and it is trying to be fixed, just continue your flight and try not to interfere with any other traffic, as ATC can’t physically contact you, if your ghosted which is what we are told to do if you interfere with our traffic get in touch with one of the ATC mods and they will reverse it as soon as they can with no penalties for you :).


I’m not ghosted. I managed to contact ground, and the tower changed and I am fine with them. :/

I know you wasn’t ghosted but it’s what we are told to do if we have an unknown and they interfere with traffic, just continue your flying just be aware of your surroundings your pretty much flying fully visual!


Okay, thanks!

I had this issue multiple times yesterday. I sat on the taxi way for 14 minutes after being told to “Hold Position”. Several other aircrafts behind me were cleared and passed through me. I did not have network issues and I was kept at “Hold Position”. I finally turned off the taxiway and circled around on ground and re-entered the line.


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