What to Do When Told to Check Help Pages

  1. Check the Tutorials on the forum.

You don’t need to frantically quit, scared of ghosting. Simply follow the instructions you were given, then check afterward to see what it may have been that you were doing that initiated the call.

If told check help after being told to “enter left downwind” and you quickly enter right downwind instead, correct your position, then read up on the parts of the pattern after your flight.

“Check help pages” doesn’t mean an instant ghost is coming. No need to frantically quit. It’s meant as a learning tool.

But only if you actually check the tutorials. Especially if you hear the command every time you are given a pattern entry.


I was guilty of the frantic quit when I was new to expert. Everything that I’d read on here gave the impression that ghosts were handed out like candy. It’s simply not the case. Excellent idea to post this.


As IFATCs, we really do try to use ghosting as a last resort. We try to help as much as we can with tools available.

You’ll see plenty of people claim we have a hair trigger, I’m sure, but chances are, they’re leaving out a good part of the story.

ATCs are held to a standard for.ghostings, so we don’t simply hand them out like candy, as you say. I know there is a lot of Pilots vs. ATC on here sometimes, but that’s not the environment we want to foster.


I fully agree. My full experience with IFATC is that they’re very fair and so helpful to teach anyone willing to listen. Tyler has helped me multiple times via PM regarding questions that I’ve had regarding ATC.

As they say, the upset voices speak volumes and the satisfied voices remain silently happy. If someone’s voicing it online, there’s a good chance that it’s negative whether it’s accurate or not.

Posts like this one help quite a bit. Keep up the great work Tim.

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NP. And if you’re unsure but don’t want to ask a public question, a PM is always welcome.

If you get ‘check help pages’, you better make sure you’re on the forum in the next 5 seconds looking at tutorials or you can expect a ghost #RobsTopTips


Way too true… Most of us will be consulting with other controllers before it gets to the point if ghosting to try finding a solution to the problem. IFATC does as much as possible to resolve the situation before it really becomes a problem.

Just to add to this, I rarely ever ghost. That being said, it does not mean we are becoming more lenient. If you grossly disrupt other traffic, you’ll be gone.

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