What to do when there is no tower but ground

So earlier ground control cleared me to taxi to the runway about to takeoff. I went to switch frequencies but there was no tower so I stayed on ground and taxiied onto the runway. Then he told me that I need to be cleared to taxi and then to exit the runway. So I left incase i were to get confused again and possibly get ghosted. So what would I do/what should I have done in a situation like that?
The ATC name was IFATC blue bird.

Try contacting him via PM. This was expert server, or not?

I think so, as he is an IFATC Controller (They aren’t allowed to control in TS1)

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Just making sure as it wasn’t stated! :)

Oh ok. I made this thread because I thought I did something wrong and yes it was expert at EGBB I was Qatar 272

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You can always pm the controller but The correct procedure would to taxi on the ground frequency all the way until the hold short line, then switch to Unicom.

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Lol, good luck getting him active on IFC

That’s exactly what I did

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