What to do when there is no Approach?

I was on an ILS approach into Gatwick and there was no approach frequency. As I got closer to the airport and when I was about 20 NM out, I requested to tower to land on a specific runway. Tower told me to check forums on using ATC instructions. What did I do wrong? And what am I meant to do if approach isn’t on?

You are supposed to announce “inbound for landing”, only use “inbound on the ILS” when there’s approach and he clears you for an ILS approach

Also, I know this has been said many times before just wanted to remind everyone. If there is approach active at an airport and they clear you for the ILS approach, PLEASE don’t go to tower and say inbound for landing. Instead say you are on the ILS runway XX. Thanks!

You can check all active frequencies by clicking on the airport dot, and select them by clicking TUNE.

From 80 NM out you should be able to TUNE into ATIS. Always check the ATIS first.
From about 50 NM and approx 15,000 feet, Approach ATC should become visible. Often you would see it there quicker than in your Communication area.

If there’s no Approach frequency open, you should been receiving Guard messages from Tower.

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