What to do when the airport doesn't render in-flight


I’m going now for the 2nd time around at JFK, because it isn’t rendering i already cleared the Scenery Cache. Had someone also the same problem? Should I divert?


I would divert to an airport where there is actually an airport maybe KEWR it also depends on what aircraft you are flying

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Gonna try it one more time, thanks for your help

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You’d either have to go back to where scenery is loaded or end flight since clearing the scenery cache mid-flight crashes the game

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Diverted to KEWR, topic can now be closed

Check cabin pressure and equip O2. Sounds like hypoxia to me.


First time ever, that I had to divert


Looks soo realistic though! 👀

I had the exact same issue at JFK yesterday. Doesn’t seem to be much you can do at the minute if you’ve tried the suggested fixes. Will just have to wait for a fix from the Devs; which they are working on.

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