What to do when receiving wrong ATC instructions

I love IF, specially Live when people try to do it realistic; but what would be the correct way to proceed when an ATC gives you wrong commands? And sometimes even though theyre wrong then they will instruct you to check help pages!!

Check this instructions given by an ATC at KPSP (Palm Spring) on Playground.

When you are on the advanced server, you should not recieve wrong instructions, so there you go; problem solved.


Hey …

We can’t do nothing about it since it was on the playground server and you know how everything is on that server :D

( btw you didn’t get a clearance to take off ) !

To me it looks like you took without clearance? You are airborne yet you did not recieve any takeoff clearance?


1 vote for playground mods 😉😉


Sadly most of the time Advance Server only have ATC on paid zones such as London. When there are several ATC in Unpaid zones, obviously i prefer Advance.

Appears to be that way to me too. So really who’s fault was it?


And no, we are actually switching the whole time. At this moment there are advanced ATC in Amsterdam, which is a free region.


I think the controller acted oka,py, although the original poster did never recieve any clearance to take off…

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Atc told me line up and wait; so i did; then he started to tell me to exit runway!! What should i do in that case? Exit the runway? Disconnect? Takeoff and forget about it? Respond with some phrase i havent found?

Yes, exit the runway via closest exit, do not take off in such case.

This was also a fault by the controller, as he told you to line up yet told you that you were not cleared to, which is wrong.

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Many controllers on the Playground server don’t know how to control proply and sometimes make many silly mistakes … Although you should still listen to the controller on This server, if you think he is doing something wrong, just ignore ignore and ignore ! Then wait till he clears you for takeoff and if he doesn’t clear for a while , then best is probably just disconnect or exit runway

Thanks for the information


No problem ! Any more issues, feel free to contact :)