What to do when controllers switch out?

Hello all! i am new here and had an interesting flight into EGLL today! Id like to give a shout out to the developers! WAY TO GO! as i now understand completely “Inbound on the ILS!” … so my quandary is this, as i flew in i was contacted several times and informed i was in a controlled airspace and needed to say my intentions or check in… I was under ATC control from the offset of my descent … ATC went offline then online again several times before i had to go ahead and land, and was nervous i would receive a reprimand for landing without clear clearance! I did not hear anything so im going with “no harm no foul!” … what is a pilot to do? im on final with my hands full and have to go back to the beginning of my ATC conversation … and im 100 ft off the deck… ? go around? land? what to do?

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You just inform them that you are on final of which runway and kinda just hope they see it and clear you, if not just hope they are understanding

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Calling inbound for landing would be most appropriate here upon first contact with tower. Also, if you were cleared to land by a previous controller, you do not need to call in again, especially if you’re 100ft AAL.

If I just took over from another controller and someone is on short final, I’ll let them land without contacting me as long as they don’t interfere with anyone on the runway.


That’s correct, as stated in the ATC Manual you should let things settle such as arrivals on final and all that stuff.

@Sidewinder74 Do you know who the controller was? And what server was it?


As previous members have said, controllers should allow planes already in critical moments of flight to continue. It is also not standard procedure to send an on guard warning to airplanes on short final as it’s hard to join a frequency then! Was it on the training server? ATC is not regulated there, meaning anyone can be a controller, whereas, on the expert server, there is a whole recruitment, training, and testing process that has to be completed. If it was, in fact, on the expert server, I would reach out to the controller and start a friendly discourse about the topic. As a controller myself, I always love when people provide helpful feedback. I’ve controlled for quite a bit, but there is always more to learn. I’m glad you enjoyed the flight and the amazing 3D buildings! If you have any questions about air traffic control, I’m happy to answer them. Have a great day!


Yes it was on training server!😬 I had not given it thought but are the ones controlling also lower grade as I am? And are they training and learning there as well, if be the case I shall keep in mind some leeway as far as critiquing …. And more understanding…forgiving if you would! I was just crossing my fingers I landed correctly! Thank you for your insight Sir!

I did not see who had previously cleared me no, I had not set up my IFC account yet … so this kind of prompted my doing so, It was not an issue that bothered me, I just had to act very swiftly! Thank you for the feedback!

Also to provide a little peace of mind, you cannot be reported on the training server by air traffic control! Just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the flights.

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Right on! Thank you!

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See above ^