What to do when ATC transfers you back and forth

Hello! Right now I am flying in a Cessna 172 and was inbound into Casablanca. I contacted approach and said my intentions. They said to proceed on course. And so I did. A little later, the controller told me to contact Tower. I did. I said I was inbound. They said contact approach. And I did again. They then said contact tower. I just tuned out and am now holding to see what I should do! @niks.goen and Approach

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The best way to find out is to DM the controller instead of making a topic!!


Hi @AviationReports, this sounds obviously unnecessarily confusing to you!

Just to figure out what was going on from the start, how did you call into approach to declare? did you ask for ILS/Visual/Vectors/GPS? Or did you just check in or request flight following?

What were your intentions?

There is a subtle difference between approaches.

Flight following means you don’t need any assistance from approach and will effectively fly VFR.

You should have got yourself on final then pushed Tower.


I said flight following @Mags885 @mwe2187

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If you then change your intentions and request an approach, they would give you heading and height commands.

I have now changed my intentions and all is good! Good to know! Thanks everyone!


This would make sense why the confusion happened. Flight following means that the Approach is only going to monitor you and not give you vectors in, only time that you’ll get course changes would be if he needs to slot you in or get you away from traffic.

If you’d like approach to give you commands, ask for a specific approach. Otherwise, once you’re close to the airport, they’ll transfer you to to tower.

I’m assuming this is where the confusion came in between the approach and the tower and they had to send you back to approach.

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I’m sorry. It was my mistake. we communicate in background while controlling. approach told me to take over you. i just didnt saw his message where we contact and thought you didnt contact app. since you were far out it was my fault. sorry.


Seems like you still have some learning to do, especially if you’ll be flying on the expert server.
Here’s an “oldie but goodie”: Flight Following / Radar Vectors / ILS approach / Check In What are the differences?

ypu landed larer on on visual 35R. right.
sorry for that miscommunication.

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It is all good! It was my fault because of my confusion. I usually just ask for flight following and get headings and stuff so I was good. It was a fun flight!

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