What to do when ATC does not respond

What would one do in a situation like this, resume own navigation, contact other frequencies, wait? It was over 10mns, on expert this eavning at seoul.

If it’s on expert, wait 5 minutes, then try again. The controller might have forgotten about you.

EDIT: Read @DeerCrusher’s post below.


If you look at the times I made sevral contacts over 10mns

Its likely that you were shown up as an unknown.

What do you maen by this

When you show up as an Unknown Aircraft, the Air Traffic Controller is unable to communicate with you. As per the topic linked above, your best bet is to divert to a nearby airport without any ATC Control at that time.


Did you read the link I listed?

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Why this this occur?

It is most likely due to a glitch, that glitch makes it so you appear unknown to the ATC controller after a period of time and they cannot communicate with you.

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It has happened to me when I was controlling, don’t worry about it. I am sure ATC is aware of the issue and they will most likely vector planes around you.

Does ATC know youa re unavalable, or just unresponsive?

I’m unsure of the exact cause but there could be a few reasons:

  • Exiting out of the app/multitasking. Its important that when you have Infinite Flight open and running, that you do not back out of the app.

  • Unstable internet connection

These are just a few. Anything that you can do to make sure that you have the best connection to the server will help reduce or prevent the frequency of this happening.


You will most likely appear unknown to the controller.

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The answer to your question/concern is highlighted. Read the information included in the linked topic. Thanks.