What to do when approach forgets you?

I was being vectored into San Diego, when it seemed like approach lost track of me. I was vectored away from the airport, for 20 miles… No further comms… No clue what to do. The controller was Star Aguilar… Finally I sent another approach request but was ignored. I quit the flight.

This was on playground.

Any suggestions on what to do?


Go to advanced. Controllers there do not forget about you. You can’t expect perfection in the PG server. It’s called playground because it’s where people are learning or “playing”.


The controller probably logged off but yet you still remained on the frequency. Only thing you can do is to join another frequency. (Unicom or aerodrome)


That happend really much.
If you want to be sure that the controller is still online go then to the ATC panel, and look on the top of it. If there stand a name then there is a controller online, if there don’t stand a name then the controller switched of.

I switched to tower, and was told to contact approach. At one point I was 3 mi from the airport… You can see from this that I’m now 28mi! Next time, I think I’ll just ignore everything and land.


Next time, I think I’ll just ignore everything and land.

worst idea, you can have. If approach really should forget you, you can recall yourself by some appropriate messages like With you, requesting radar vectors or something like this (btw: 20 miles is no distance, if there’s a lot of traffic, or if there’s a change in the active runway). But it seems, you contacted departure, not approach ?


Thays happens to me alot. In PG they always say exoect vectors for the whatever and the. You never hear from them ever again

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Same here. I wish I could let them know what expect vectors means sometimes.

Sorry, had to.

No offense


That’s great!!! 😂

Still a learner for atc here still on PG, if im doing something wrong here, do let me know. I play as approach when i dont get the chance to be tower or ground.

So most of the time, i would i pick my approach and look at the area i control. If its within my control i would remember most of the people. And with 4-5 on approach is considered taxing for me already.

Sometimes, theres people whos so faraway on the frequency i usually tend to forget more people. Most of the time i would ignore. Like say im approach for kpsp, i would ignore flight following to knuc. I do flight following for a/c outside area as well and altitude changes because those task doesnt seem like it would take up too much time to look around.

But when i feel im pretty much okay with workload, i do help with radar vectors for a/c outside my area solely because theres no approach else where. But sometimes when i tell someone to expect vectors and an a/c im guiding to approach calls, i would prioritise them first, then i usually forget about other a/c >_<

But some people are nice enough to check in again (not the spamming kind) and i would remember what they wanted again. Instead of people doing their own landings, tuned to approach and ignoring towers request to contact them then landing on different ends of the same runway.

I understand sometimes atc like me or perhaps other new atcs are slow to respond, arnt able to track all the requests. But if you had that much experience in flying, it would help new atcs to learn practically by using small gestures to nudge us.

Im not sure about others but i do facepalm when im doing a terrible job, ive been told by friends and family that im taking a game to seriously. But i dont have a PC and this is as close as it gets for me to work on an ambition while enjoying it in a sort of ‘game’ form. Ive learnt alot but still very new.

Sry if i side tracked =/