What To Do When An, “I’ve been reported” Topic Arises

In the light of everyone being home from work, school and other various activities, it is inevitable that there are going to be more report posts and more people that are available to reply on these posts.

That being said, I think it’s time that people receive a bit of a reminder in regards to how to help out a reported user either looking for their controller or just needing quick guidance as to how to contact them.

What TO Do

  • Ask the reported user for a screenshot of their logbook if they don’t identify the controller themselves
  • If the user is TL0, a mod will assist
  • If the user is TL1+, simply tag the controller and tell them to PM him/her

What NOT To Do

  • Try to tell/ figure out why the user was reported. If you weren’t controlling, you don’t know, so DONT get involved
  • Don’t reply if people have already assisted
  • Don’t reply if you don’t know the controllers username, even if it’s to tag a mod (they read everything, don’t worry, they will see it)
  • Don’t rush a reply. It’s better to get the info right rather than get it up quickly and have it be wrong


The only person who should be telling/trying to figure out why the controller got reported is a mod, the user, and the controller in question!

This goes for controllers too. If you are a fellow IFATC controller and you happen to come across a report topic, don’t get involved. It is not your job to figure out what went wrong when you weren’t even the controller in question!

Everyone please keep this in mind the next time you come across one of these report topics. By following these what to’s and what not’s, it will reduce confusion and misinformation. Thanks for reading and stay healthy all.


@Chris_Hoover the controller who reported you was @MrMrMan. He’ll PM you because you have to be TL37 to PM sorry.

In all seriousness, it’s getting out of hand. People rush to respond and provide false information. Then you have 2 people trying to explain this poor guys report while the other 3 tell him all the things he’s doing wrong by posting. The poor OP is just sitting there confused out of his mind.


Only 1 Person Response.

Only thing you should say is contact the controller with able to via PM if not tag them or PM @reports. Simple not hard to follow. No need to have thread with 10+ comments of the same thing.


A much needed tutorial!

This is one of the most prominent issues we have on a daily basis, and the right action should always be taken.

Thanks Chris!

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I totally agree, especially with what @ThomasThePro said, only one person needs to respond because then everybody else pretends they are a professional pilot and tell them what they did wrong with knowing the whole story


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