What to do when a pilot requests an altitude change

Many times I will be controlling as approach and someone will come on my frequency and request an altitude change, first thing they do. I have no idea what their destination is or if they’re flying VFR. Would it be appropriate to ask them for intentions before you grant the change?

I usually just grant the change if there is no traffic ahead at the altitude they want to go to.

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Shouldn’t they contact “xxx Center” in the first place or when at cruising altitude?

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On the list on your right side, every user has its one box. You may have noticed that in each box there are some letters:
ILS - 27 (ILS approach runway 27)
RV - KSAN (Radar Vectors for San Diego)
FF (Flight Following)
VFR (Visual flight rules)

If someone with FF or VFR in its box request altitude changes, you have to response “Altitude requests not needed in Flight Following or VFR”, found in the Broadcast Messages section.

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But if they take off and contact approach for the first time hey haven’t said if they’re FF VFR RV or ILS

That’s only if they switch from another frequency from which they said what their intentions are. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Send the ‘say intentions’ message. Then if they say FF or VFR, send the ‘altitude request not needed when flying VFR…’ (Or whatever it’s exact wording is). If they request ILS or vectors to a destination, then you can assign an appropriate altitude

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That’s what I thought, but when I ask say intentions they just request altitude change again. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem on my part