What to do on Transatlantic Flights


I’m relatively new to IF, I just joined last week and I’m still watching/reading tutorials and looking at how people play the game.

I’m planning a transatlantic flight from KJFK to EGLL but I don’t actually get how some people fly that long in this game.

This might be a weird question, but do I just leave my device on while the plane is on autopilot? What does one do while crossing the Atlantic? Sleep? Watch something? I’m very curious on how people fly ever since the global update was released.

I hope someone understands my question and is equallly eager on learning about this.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum!

I try to do long haul flights when I’m sleeping overnight then land when I wake up.

Just try to preoccupy yourself with something else. Make sure you come back/wake up in time to begin your descent into your destination airport. :)


As Nathan said, reserve the long flights for when you are not using your device or at home. During the day I do short haul flights.

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Fly at 35,000 put your phone or device on power save I would make sure it’s plugged into a charger to keep it well charged to prevent device from dieing dureing the flight

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I sleep most of the time but on some other occasions I watch some videos or go out with my mates


I’ll also suggest an alarm to be set so you know when you are arriving at destination

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I usually try and do long haul flights if I’m expected to be somewhere the whole day, or when I’m sleeping overnight. Once you are comfortable with leaving your flight to do the rest for itself, what I usually do is put the screen brightness all the way down, put the camera to scenic (to prevent screen burn), use the interface timeout, and put something over my screen to keep it on the lowest possible brightness. Just in case, I put it in a 5 Watt charger so it doesn’t die, but won’t fully charge to 100%.

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I would plan the flight at night and fly till It reaches cruising altitude! Then, set the plane on nav mode and make sure the plane does not go over the speed limit! I would also set a go around procedure just encase you wake up at the wrong time and your flight goes haywire. I the morning, try and wake up as soon as possible and hop in the sim immediately, there after, begin your descent into England!

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It’s not a game… it’s a mobile flight simulator. 😤😬. We don’t play it, we fly it.


Usually for a 6-7 hour transatlantic flight I start it in the morning and land in the afternoon.

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Also for entertainment during that time YouTube or any other site like Netflix or amazon video is always a good choice.

Do you keep your device plugged in or make sure that your device won’t die midflight?

Thanks for your suggestions!

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Thanks! I’d be shocked if I was planning to fly to the UK and waking up in Asia, if the gas doesn’t run out by then 😆

I’ll do that, thanks.

Thanks, I’ll try that suggestion too. 😃

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Thanks for helping all.

Gabe, good luck on your flight ;)