What to do in such a situation?

So Ive just been reported for spamming atc (my first report at grade 5 that sent me back to grade 2 for a week, which really bummed me out, but what ever : / ) and i fully admit as when i tuned into one approach freq and the controller was silent and every plane kept checking (so did I) and with no response for anyone. So I then contacted the other approach freq and asked for an approach for an ILS and he sent me back to the silent controller. Once I contacted the first guy and asked for an approach again I got reported. I was just piercing the flow of traffic and I couldnt get any instructions. I was getting nervous so i just quit the flight.

So apart from diverting what would the correct action be in this situation?

Look in your logbook for the name of the controller. Send them a PM.

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Lol this happens to me everytime there’s an atc but the dude does not response it’s funny 😂😂 I record most of my flights if that happens just in case I get reported or if not I usually just ignore that’ there’s an atc and just go on about my business and land on my own no biggie

Well the controller should be present at there device at all times once it is busy and they are controlling.Was he just silent to you or everyone else tuned in the frequency?

I feel as if ATC isn’t responding, I’d either:

  1. Continue my inbound, making sure I’m still following procedures without colliding into anyone else and make a safe landing

  2. Divert to another airport

There were times when ATC In Real Life that didn’t respond to pilots, and they either diverted to another airport, or took the risk and land, though they would usually ask APPR to contact TWR to see if they’re okay before doing such thing

Well i dunno. Every plane in the freq also kept spamming check ins and approach requests.

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Well just keep following the approach path and stay at a safe or reasonable altitude :)

I just didnt want to just do my own unauthorised navigation in congested airspace.

Well that’s good to know that you understanded that you should not just go flying wild in a busy airspace.Just Follow my advise I stated above and you should be fine :).

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