What to do in holding patterns?

Hi, I was just flying in the Caribbean region, and I was put into a holding pattern. I was completing the holding pattern but then received instructions to “turn left heading 330, descend and maintain 5,000”. My question is, should I continue flying 330, or should I continue the holding pattern?

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You fly the pattern until vectored out of it the 330 vector was vectoring you out of it.


You fly 330 as they are pulling you out of the hold. :)

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fly the clearance as given, no matter where you are in the hold. so fly the 330 heading when cleared. no need to finish the hold.

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People still idolise Van Zanten?

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When you are put into a holding pattern by a radar controller, then you enter the hold and fly the circuits until the controller issues you a new heading, regardless if you are on an outbound or inbound leg of the pattern. The holds are used for several reason such as creating separation, descend or ascend aircraft, weather, etc. If you are in a hold and the radar controller issues you a new vector/altitude, always follow the controller’s instructions.

Hope this helps.


That’s cool, how did you file the 360? :)

You can’t file the holding pattern in your FPL, a radar controller may put you into it whenever your destination airport is busy, incase you need to increase separation with other aircrafts or for other various reasons. :)

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Ahh, but than how did it show up on his FPL? Controller set it?

It will appear as soon as the radar controller indicate to hold. For further informations, I would consider watching Tyler’s tutorial about it. :)


I think I may have been the radar controller if you were headed to TFFR. I needed to use the holding patterns to build some space. But just like mark said, enter the pattern and stay until you receive a clearance out of it. I only assume it was me because i had all my holding patterns leave to 5k today.

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