What to do in a circuit when there is a runway change?

I was flying at SBEG today and was hoping to do some circuits in a c130. Very useful controller who gave clear instructions and helped. But a runway changed occurred just after a touch and go and I was told to enter downwind so I did for runway 29 and not 11. I was told to follow instructions so I decided best course of action was to depart the circuit to prevent any other confusion. What could be done to cope with this runway change? Thanks in advance.

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You might want to speak with the controller who was in the tower at the time that this happened so you can figure out what exactly happened. Check your replay log to find out who was in the tower at the time, and If you know who it was, PM them and ask them what you asked here, they can probably help you more than we can. :)


Good idea. Thanks


Hey there đź‘‹
I believe I was your controller earlier today that performed a runway change at SBEG. After your t&g I told you to enter right downwind for runway 11 since you were the last one to use runway 29. As soon as you turned the wrong way I was pointing you to turn for the correct runway with a “please follow instructions” message as I thought you didn’t get the idea.

Next time, you should do what ATC tells you to do. I announced runway change a couple of times so that all pilots knew what to expect. I’m glad you took the decision to leave the airspace without causing any issues. Nothing wrong with that.

If you’ve got any questions, you are more than welcome to ask me or the community!


Out of curiosity, since 11 is opposite of 29 how would he make the turn after doing T&G on 29 to do the 180 to make 11

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There’s no need to make a 180. All you need to do is turn left a little to enter downwind for the opposite runway after you takeoff, then from there you fly the pattern normally.


That actually makes a lot of sense. Appreciate that tip

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Green line shows how he should’ve flown after the touch and go. Just enter either side of the runway and continue your pattern.


Thanks for your reply dude. I had heard the changing message when your broadcast it. I admit I forgot after landing and taking off, my bad! I will ensure to remember for next time. Thank you.


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