What to do if you have reported a problem about the simulator and it doesnt get fixed. Is this the correct forum?

Hi Everyone,

I have reported a problem with the simulator several times with no resolve and am curious what the next step is? This is a question for the staff but also to help users if they have reported a problem and it hasn’t been resolved.

First of all I want to thank the Staff for continually bringing an amazing product to the ground for us users. I am a total fan and have told so many other people about this amazing simulator. The Staff have always responded to my questions in a timely fashion which is above and beyond what other companies offer. So way to go Infinite Flight!

So to the issue that brough the subject up:

The problem I reported is with the weather, more specifically the fog.

When it worked:

When it was working correctly I could takeoff and land at an airport with fog and it made flying much more realistic and challenging as I flew having to use the instruments.

I could fly over the Alps or over the many beautiful mountains in the Pacific Northwest and have a layer of fog below me bringing incredible realism and adding an amazing depth to an already fantastic simulation.

Since it stopped working:

I can takeoff from an airport with fog but it quickly disappears after only a few kilometers. From then on the fog disappears.

So now when flying over the Alps or anywhere for that matter… no fog.

Back to the question:

What do we do if he have reported a problem and it doesnt get fixed?

Thank you for your support! You have an amazing product and team!


Captain No Fog

issues would only get fixed when an update is pushed:) i believe the fog issue has been brought to attention and they’re working on the fix:) but could be wrong

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That is awesome! Is there anyway to confirm this? I will search for other fog update posts.

Also keep in mind when flying on Live the weather/visability that you have in game is the same as the current weather in that specific place in real life.

For example most of the time VIDP has low visability due to smoke/fog from the pollution.

As an avid user for many many years I am mindful of that. Thanks!

No worries. I’m guessing you’ll also be mindful of that fact that updates and fixes are usually released in updates and announced on the forum then. :)

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