What to do if you are unable to communicate with ATC?

We are aware from time to time that as a pilot you may encounter an issue communicating with ATC. FDS is aware of the situation and is continuing to look into a resolution. While that is being done, please review these scenarios on how best to handle them.

If you are experiencing an ATC issue, the first thing to try is to press the pause button and wait for 30-45 seconds and then go back into the sim. Sometimes this has been shown to re-establish the connection and clean up any ATC issues.

Possible Scenarios:

  • I am on unicom and tower does not show as available even though they are on-guarding me
  • I am connected to the frequency but ATC is not hearing me
  • I am not receiving any communication from ATC even though I am on their frequency

Pilot Actions:

  • First, take a screen shot of the ATC screen where it shows what frequencies are available. This will be useful in the event you were ghosted.
  • Look around and follow the pattern of other planes.
  • Do not cut in line, land on top of, or taxi though other planes.
  • Continue inbound as you normally would.
  • If you are ghosted, make note of who reported you, the time, your call sign at the time, the airport, and contact a moderator for additional research.
  • If you are showing as “unknown” to the controller, most of the time they will already start the reversal process via internal IFATC communication channels.
  • If you are inbound to an extremely busy airport (FNF for example) and experience an ATC issue, the best course of action is to divert to another field without ATC control. This is the easiest path for bot the pilot and controller.

IFATC Expert server controllers are instructed to work around aircraft with communication issues with the expectation that the pilot does not interfere with other planes. ATC communication issues does not prevent you from seeing other planes and you are expected to follow the expert server rules regardless. In the event that you are interfering with other planes, you will be ghosted. ATC communication issues is not basis for an automatic ghosting reversal. They will be handled on a case by case basis.

There have also been a number of posts regarding pilots changing their name to “ATCISSUE” mid-flight. While this looks helpful, this does not grant you a free pass. We have seen some pilots abuse this while claiming an ATC issue every flight and expect reporting to be reversed. In these cases a reversal will be granted pending the review of the the evidence presented from both the pilot and ATC.

If you are a pilot of constantly has ATC issues, we suggest uninstalling/reinstalling IF and making sure you have a strong internet connection.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation working through the issues. If you have questions, please shoot myself or anyone on the moderation team a PM.

Thank you!


Questions via PM please.