What to do if Live Server is disconnected?

Just a quick question. I’m now 30 mins away from Beijing after a long-haul flight from London. Minutes ago, the ‘low battery’ notification pops up (it’s an iPhone 7), so I understand it will pause the game. However, I did not immediately close the notification as I was doing other things. As a result, I don’t know how long it has passed, but I only closed it when the battery reaches 17%. Once closed, everything including the HUD is gone, leaving me to see the scenery only, without any buttons and interface. I pressed the home button and entered the app again, and was relieved to see the Paused screen, so all the buttons returned, but I realised that I was permanently disconnected from the live server (I’m in the Expert Server), so unable to see any planes and send ATC commands.

Thus, I would just like to ask, if there’s any way I can do to let me be reconnected to the Live Server, WITHOUT restarting the app (I don’t want a 10 hour flight to be wasted like this)? It reads Disconnected: Network Error when I press on the red exclamation mark at the top right corner. Other servers are connected (Global Server, etc.)

I tried to switch off and on my Wifi on my iPhone, but while other servers immediately reconnected, the Live Server didn’t.

If there’s no way, then it’s fine, I can still land my plane, but I’m worried it won’t be registered to my account (flight times and landings)


I usually just wait until it goe back to green. However, this is an IF server issue which means that the IF severs are down so it may take a while to change back to green.

Conclusion - Just wait.

Well, I do see other planes when I’m on LiveFlight, except mine, so I don’t think it’s a server issue, but rather just my device. I’m already descending towards Beijing, so I guess by the time it reconnects I would have already ended my flight?

Usually the game will reconnect in a matter of seconds when you come back to the game and then all is fine. I have had a instance where I was out of the game a little too long and it wouldn’t re connect so, just make sure not to get out of the game for too long.



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